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Who We Serve

We serve seniors 60 years and older, providing individualized plans to ensure maximum benefits; enjoyment for each of our clients; and respite care for primary care giver. We can meet a wide range of solutions satisfying seniors who are:

  • active
  • socially isolated
  • experiencing mild dementia, memory loss, or other cognitive impairments
  • being monitored due to medical conditions
  • recently discharged from a hospital or nursing facility.
  • in need of rehabilitative services to regain skills

  • Seniors with behaviors that are aggressive, disruptive and whose diagnoses are not suitable for this day care model.
  • Seniors who are harmful to themselves and pose a threat to others.
  • Seniors who are bedridden or paralyzed.
  • Seniors who have an infectious or communicable diseases or a health condition that could jeopardize the health of other participants in the program.
  • Seniors with requirements beyond the capabilities of the facility.